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No place I would have rather spent the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

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I don't think I knew it looked so much like a castle. Those cadets are looking at their future.

Seems we broke the spell too!


Good. Thank you for your service (trite, but I mean it. I want to get together and talk Afghanistan, but Covid/Delta/Mu ... I'm vaccinated, but still... Anyway, take care you; and your family. God bless, stay safe.) Do you know of groups locally other than Refugee Services of Texas helping Afghan refugees in Austin? They seem to be "booked up" in the areas where I could volunteer.

I hope I accurately represented the complex emotions felt by my generation of veterans over this past month.

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If there is a way that Cedar Park is supporting Afghan refugees, I'd love to support it. I feel so sad and overwhelmed and keep coming back to, "what is in my sphere of control?" I have no control over international policy, but I can help provide a welcome to those who have sacrificed so much in their hope for democracy in their home country and have arrived here with little to nothing.

I was thinking just in that pictures for some reason? Ohhh there's an article. I am sure you killed it. Very thoughtful.

You did. Proud of you my friend.


Jim-I’d like to read this story and hear your perspective. The link you posted requires a subscription. Is there another way to view it?

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Some great defense and school spirit at 2021 CPHS Homecoming!Image attachmentImage attachment

Here are my closing comments from tonight's city council meeting. If you're interested in helping, please let me know.

"I would like to speak for a few moments about the recent events in Afghanistan, which have had a profound impact on many of our city’s residents, including those who served there in military uniforms or in civilian capacities, our neighbors who lost loved ones fighting in that country, residents who themselves came from Afghanistan and the many more who simply care deeply about human rights and freedom in any country. The past several weeks have been emotionally torturous as we’ve all watched in real time the Taliban sweep back across the country. We’ve remembered all that we’ve lost and wondered if it was worth it, and feared greatly for the many thousands of Afghans who risked their lives in assisting our efforts to stabilize their country, and who now face the very real threat of Taliban retribution. We’ve also seen incredible acts of courage by everyday Afghans, such as the women anchors who continued to broadcast on TV. We’ve seen a Digital Dunkirk of veterans and civil groups scrambling to create procedures to vet evacuees from the Kabul Airport, staying up late to talk Afghan interpreters and the families through the gates. We’ve seen over 100,000 people flown to safety thanks to those efforts and incredible paring of kindness and bravery of the thousands of servicemen and women, including the 13 who were killed today.
For those of us lucky enough to leave in Cedar Park, we will have opportunities in coming months to honor that sacrifice by volunteering our time and support to support some of those evacuees into our region and our neighboring city of Austin in particular. Cedar Park has long been welcoming to immigrants from all nations, and their contributions are a big part of the economic strength we discussed earlier in this meeting. With our vibrant Muslim-American community and our several active veterans organizations, we will find ways to celebrate their arrival and ease their integration into their new lives. I appreciate that our Mayor has started dialogue with leaders of those groups to begin coordination of those volunteer efforts and I hope you all join me in those efforts over the coming months of years. I’ll be sharing information about those service opportunities on my public Facebook page, and I encourage anyone interested in supporting Afghan refugees to reach out to me and I’ll make sure we put you to work.
As hard as these past few weeks have been, I know that we’ll each find ways to make sure the future looks brighter."
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Thank you all for your interest in contributing and thank you Holly for harnessing the power of Facebook to organize pledges:

Very well said, Jim. Please let us know how we can help both any families coming here and our returning soldiers.

Thank you. I am here to help. I haven’t heard anything from ICBC yet. I’ll give them a call tomorrow.

I'm here to help

With you.

This is great. Going to message you.

Thank you! I’d love to help.

Thank you Jim Penniman-Morin put me in your list to help

Thank you for this. Please put me to work. Would love to help.

Love you ❤️

Thank you. I’m in. Anything we can do to help ❤️

Thank you 🙏

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